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Who is Annie Marie Roy and why can she help you?

Annie Marie Roy has been a certified Bodytalk practitioner since 2008. She discovered this amazing system during a visit with her chiropractor. Although skeptical, she booked an appointment to see if it would help alleviate a profound sense of inner dis-ease which was always there. Never would she have imagined the changes that were about to happen...

The morning after her first session she could not believe how she felt! She felt absolutely amazing! Like she was floating! Everything and everyone she met appeared more vibrant and clearer. Her sadness was completely gone and never returned! Her life was completely transformed!! She was never the same after that. For the next five years, Annie never missed an appointment. Every time, she felt inner changes that were subtle, palpable and cumulative! She discovered more about the system during the years and found out it was helping many others with their physical as well as their psychological issues. That's when she decided to become a practitioner.

At the beginning of her career, Annie worked in nursing care helping the elderly. Then she worked for a non-profit organization in adult education. During her university studies she worked in psychiatric nursing. Then, upon completing her Masters degree in psychology she moved to Montreal and obtained a research assistant position at the McGill Group for suicide studies. After a few months she joined the outpatient depressive and suicidal disorders clinic at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. In her role, she participated in the diagnosis process and did some individual and group interventions. Convinced of the benefits of Bodytalk, she did some sessions with severely depressed patients.

Annie is a member of RITMA which enable her to provide insurance receipts.